Thursday, July 30, 2009

Voicebank update

Alright, so I finally did all my UTAUloid preparations for China, except for getting all the reference pictures for the "UTAUloids in China" picture. I'm working on it though. Right now I'm on my laptop. I updated Midori's oto files and a few of her voice samples while on my laptop Dx.. stupid me... but anyway, after waiting for an excruciatingly long time, I finally uploaded her updated voicebank :D! Download can be found on the side bar ^^. I fixed her ri ra ro ru and re and her rya ryu and ryo pronounciations. Also fixed her a (It was seriously bugging me o_o; It sounded so weird!). I inserted better numbers into the oto files for some voice samples,but not all of them. I'll do that in China ok xD?

Ah, and I might not be able to get the official art up yet. I have the lineart though, so no worries. Just need to color it. I'm just really tired from all the file transfers I did last night Dx... took till 4:30 AM!

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