Monday, September 28, 2009

ACT 2 Coming Soon

I'm proud to announce that ACT 2 will be coming soon!

Features in ACT 2:
Clearer Samples
Higher and Lower samples (Yay no more growly Midori :D)
Japanese and Chinese samples (Released version will have only Japanese and Chinese samples, but English, German, and French will be added later)

Working Oto.ini file (It's actually made the right way this time)
Injune Midori official art

I might add more stuff to ACT 2. The thing I'm thinking of adding will be kept a secret until the decision is made ^^

So, anyway. You don't have to download Midori's huge ACT 1 VB anymore. You just gotta wait for the smaller and better ACT 2. I will post a few demos before releasing the VB though. I gotta fix the Oto.ini file a teensy bit.

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